September 17, 2020

What Is Pharmacy?

By Babbu

Pharmacy¬†is a medical science that studies, tests, and evaluates the quality and quantity of medical products and medication and it’s involved in the manufacture, distribution, safe and efficient use, and storage of medicines and drugs for clinical purposes. It includes clinical Pharma technology, pharmaceuticals management and clinical pharmacy science. The main function of pharmacy is to provide assistance in the diagnosis and the treatment of illness. It helps to prevent or delay the occurrence of disease or injury, and also helps in the restoration of normal body function.


There are clinical pharmacists in every medical facility who are responsible for the safety and care of patients. They make sure that all drugs prescribed by doctors are administered properly and that the right dose is taken. These pharmacists keep track of all prescriptions made by doctors. They prepare reports on all the drug activities. They keep records about all patients and their history. They ensure the correct prescription of all the medicines given to patients, including those for pregnant and lactating women.

Pharmacy supplies is an important part of the process of drug administration. Pharmaceuticals that are manufactured in pharmaceutical plants, are transported to different places. Once they reach there, they are stored in various places, depending upon the type of drugs that are being manufactured and shipped. They can be kept at laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies and other places where these drugs are kept. Once the drugs are used, they are disposed of properly. This process of disposal is known as disposition of pharmaceuticals.