September 19, 2020

Jasmine Ltd. LTD2019 “Peace”

By Babbu


Each year, takamine celebrates their finely crafted craftsmanship with the highly anticipated limited-edition Ltd. LTD model. This year’s Ltd. LTD2019 “Peace” model brings the mountain range to your fingertips, bringing you some of the most authentic Japanese guitars and music to come from the maker.

The Ltd. LTD2019″ Peace” takes you into the heart of Japan’s Alps mountains, presenting you with a guitar that truly represents the true nature of Japanese guitar making. This exquisite guitar is a beautiful work of art, which is made from a mahogany body and maple neck which are hand-turned, and features a deep mahogany veneer and cherry red stain.

Jasmine has a long journey in her life as a musician. Jasmine started playing the guitar at the age of eight. She continued playing even after she left school to pursue a singing career. Jasmine’s love of music is so strong that she went on to play the piano as well as violin and other instruments.

Jasmine’s musical ability has attracted the attention of Takamine. She was chosen by the company to make her own guitar, which is quite rare for an amateur. The company decided to let her use their guitar designs to create this masterpiece. Jasmine chose three designs to make her guitar: the Peace, the Black Tiger, and the White Rose. Each design has its own unique characteristic and features, as well as a unique color.

The Jasmine Ltd. LTD2019 “Peace” model is offered at a price of 7200 Japanese Yen, including tax and applicable tariffs. This makes it the most expensive guitar ever to be offered by Takamine.

Takamine has been making high quality guitars for more than a hundred years. This company uses its years of experience to make each instrument the best it can be, using only the finest materials available, including top wood and craftsmanship. Their guitar models are not just beautiful; they are durable and extremely affordable.

Jasmine’s beautiful guitar is made with a mahogany body and maple neck, which are hand turned. This allows her to create a wide range of tones, which is what gives her guitar such richness. The guitar’s body is a deep red mahogany with intricate carving, and the neck is made of maple. The white rose maple finish adds a splash of color to the mahogany.

The guitar features a five-piece maple set which is hand carved by professional Takamine guitar maker, Kiyoshi Suzuki. The five pieces are glued together to form a sturdy construction, creating a rock-solid, high-quality set of strings. These guitars feature a two-volume, three-way pickup system, which gives her a great deal of versatility.

Jasmine’s guitar is a testament to the dedication and hard work that Takamine takes to ensure that each customer receives the absolute highest quality and most authentic experience from their products. It’s a promise that the “Peace” model is certainly living up to.