August 27, 2020

Free WiFi Speed Test

By Babbu

wifi speed test windstream

Free WiFi Speed Test

Windstream Wireless router gives us a free WiFi Speed Test to see what we can expect from our new wireless connection and see if it has what we need. When you purchase your own Windstream Wifi router you will find that you will find a free WiFi Speed Test program included with your package or you can download and run a free Wi-Fi Speed Test from the web site. We’ve found that the Free WiFi Speed Test does work well for our purposes and helps us to determine if our wireless connection will be as good as we had hoped.

What is included in this free internet speed test tool? The free WiFi Speed Test software is very easy to use and includes a few simple steps to get you started. After downloading the software you will have a few different options to select from and click on each to get started. The first step will be to enter a computer and internet settings and to select “OK” to confirm your settings. You will then be prompted to enter the name of the wireless network you want to test and how fast your speed should be for that particular network.

The next step will be to run the WiFi Speed Test by simply clicking on the “Start” button on the screen. The test will start and will take you through a few different networks until you find one that gives you a good result. It will then display what speed you are getting and where you can get more information about that speed by clicking on the “More” button. At this point you can input the name of the network again to run another test and find out if your internet is getting better or not. It’s that easy and fast. There’s no need to get frustrated and lose sleep if you don’t like the results you receive from your free WiFi Speed Test tool.